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about us at yellow hat security solutions

About Us

We provide our customers with the very best of each of the services we offer. Build trusted and reliable business partnerships.

Supply the highest quality products and services at competitive prices with a cost certainty guarantee.

We measure success by customer satisfaction.

Mark Shelton of yellow hat security solutions

SIA Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Operative Qualified | SIA Registered Door Supervisor Qualified | CSCS Gold Card Holder | Construction Site Supervisor NVQ Level 3 | 36 years of construction site experience | Specialist in Compliance Legislation

Customer Ethos

Priority is Customer Service & Satisfaction | Motivationally Centred – Leads by Example | Exceptional Communication Skills | Complaints resolved using clear guidelines

Favourite Saying

“To be the person my dog thinks I am!”


Insight Driven

Providing immediate project insight for everyone, when, where, how they need it drives proactive data driven based decisions giving individuals a competitive edge.

Creating a culture of social project management across sites facilitates teamwork focused on better project outcomes, creating an environment for sharing information.
People Centric
Aligning skills and experience levels in delivering project requirements motivates project talent and is the key to successful outcomes.
Utilising experience along with mobility, contractors can deliver a level of efficiency and stay informed of project status.
Controlling the two "R's"
Maintaining a single source of project truth with centralised accountability provides a greater transparency to monitor and track performance and profitability by "Reducing Risk".

24/7/365 HELP DESK

Untitled design.png

Connected to a dedicated responder

Incident detail reordered

Program of action agreed


Untitled design.png

Manned guard dispatch

Untitled design.png

Manned guarding retained site presence

Untitled design.png

Next working day for technical problem resolution

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