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Construction Sites - What Are The Security Risks?

Unfortunately, construction sites have long been a target for thieves and criminal gangs. A recent government survey found that over 92% of construction sites had been targeted by thieves. Whether it is expensive machinery, tools, fuel or building materials, everything on your construction site can be a target for theft.

At Yellow Hat Security Solutions, we have a range of products and services which have been designed to protect your construction site from being broken into.

Make sure your construction site is secure by installing one of our contactless Role Call sign in/sign out management systems. This customisable system allows you to decide who has access to specific sections of your construction site such as your site office or equipment storage areas. Role Call can also be used in conjunction with our Hikvision Thermal Screening and Facial Recognition solutions for added security.

Maintain a physical presence on your construction site 24/7 by hiring security officers to patrol your construction site to guard against theft and vandalism. Our officers can also act as a daytime presence on your site to make sure health and safety protocols are being adhered to.

Installing mobile CCTV units, such as our standalone, solar powered, K9 security towers offers a very visible deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals. The units are tall enough to cover your entire construction site and use full, colour-view cameras with strobe alerts and voice activated technology to alert you if someone does attempt to break in.

Protect the tools and materials stored in your company’s vans with our specially designed remote CCTV systems for commercial vehicles. As well as the cameras, our system works over 4G or WiFi to alert you remotely if someone tries to break into your vehicle. The cameras will also record footage to help you secure a successful prosecution in the event that someone does steal your tools.

Fuel Monitoring Systems

Prevent fuel theft from your site by installing our Fuel Monitoring System which can detect fuel theft in real time and notify you immediately via sms and email.

Cerberus is our revolutionary “virtual banksman” which helps to manage both pedestrian and vehicle access to your construction site. Each Cerberus rapid deployment unit includes solar panels, an adjustable barrier, intercom, ANPR and the latest CCTV cameras positioned at a minimum height of four metres to record load volumes of goods being delivered and waste removed. The system enables you to not only monitor the comings and goings on your construction site, but also the amount of waste or materials which are being removed each day.

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