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Is your business Covid compliant for the Summer Holidays?

Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed from 19th July, but is your business ready for the changes? There will no longer be any limits on how many people can meet indoors and attend events; table service in restaurants and pubs will also no longer be necessary and the nightclubs are finally being able to re-open.

However, many people will still have worries and concerns about meeting in crowded areas again, especially as it is highly likely that case numbers will still rise. Therefore, we recommend that businesses keep a number of measures in place to ensure that all guests and visitors to your premises feel safe.

Even though social distancing measures are being scrapped, it is worth considering whether they might still be right for your business. For example, limiting the number of people in entranceways and corridors to avoid overcrowding.

If possible, consider keeping a one-way system in place to allow guests and visitors to move safely throughout the building.

You might also want to consider keeping screens at till points, on reception desks and between tables or seating areas.

Also consider how your building is ventilated, are you able to keep windows and doors open to increase airflow during the day and warmer evenings?

Another thing you might want to consider is the use of a temperature screening device. Here at Yellow Hat, we offer a range of temperature screening devices to suit all businesses.

Our digital thermometers are easy and safe to use and can be used without any physical contact. In just one second, you will be able to learn of someone’s outside body temperature to determine if they are unknowingly infected with Coronavirus.

If you require automated temperature scanning equipment, then we can help with that too. Our Metal Detector Doors have real time sound and light alarms, and can be fitted with Thermographic Cameras with visualised bi-spectrum live viewing. This wireless device is easy to connect and cable free.

Or contact us on: 01952 303103

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