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How Secure is Your Home and Garden?

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are gradually being removed and we can start travelling again, it is a good time to think about the security around your home and garden.

Over the past 18 months, you may have invested money in electronic gadgets, home fitness equipment, or a hot tub for the garden. Perhaps you’ve even spent time renovating your garden and now have a shed full of expensive garden tools? However, have you considered how secure your property is? Do all your windows have locks? Does your garden shed have a padlock or do you leave the key in the door? Are all your electronic gadgets left on display for anyone to see if they looked through your windows?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes” then you could be at significant risk from having your home or garden broken into. However, help is at hand from Yellow Hat Security Solutions. Take advantage of our FREE Security Health Check to find out which parts of your house and garden are most vulnerable. You will receive a report highlighting general, personal, technical and community recommendations before we install any CCTV system. We also offer personalised and bespoke security systems to make sure you get the best protection for your home and garden.

Our range of security cameras can be installed in all areas of your home and garden allowing you to remotely check on your property when you go out. You will also receive real time alerts in case someone does try to break into your home or garden. As part of your home security package, you will also receive 168hrs per year monitoring and response FREE of charge whilst you are away from your property.

Contact us today to book your FREE Security Health Check and protect your home and garden from unwanted visitors.

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