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Yellow Hat - Offering Sustainable Security Solutions for your Home and Business.

Since the COP26 Climate Conference last November and the recent climate warnings issued by the United Nations, reducing our impact on the environment has been at the forefront of many people’s minds. The recent rises in energy prices, fuel and our weekly supermarket shop has also led many of us to look into ways of reducing our outgoings.

However, did you know that many of the suggestions for cutting your energy bills, such as lowering your thermostat by 1 degree; turning off electrical devices in your home or reducing how often you use your tumble dryer, can also reduce your CO2 output. For example, turning off tvs, laptops, tablets etc. could save you around £55 a year and reduce your CO2 usage by 35kg a year. You can also save 99kg of CO2 by reducing your shower to a maximum of four minutes a day - as well as saving you £35 per person on your energy bill.

Here at Yellow Hat Security Solutions, we don’t want rising energy prices to put you off using or installing security systems to protect your home or business. This is why our proprietary built security systems have been designed to run on solar or wind power.

Our cost effective, state of the art, full HD, standalone K9 CCTV towers are powered solely by solar panels and can scale high enough to protect an entire construction/building site. They can also be placed anywhere from the middle of a field to outbuildings where you require CCTV but don’t want the expense of installing electricity cables. From enquiry to installation, we can have your K9 tower with you, within 48 hours! You also have the option to either rent or buy the units.

We are also really proud of our solar powered, Cerberus access control barriers. The rapid deployment units include solar panels, an adjustable barrier, intercom, ANPR and the latest CCTV cameras positioned at minimum height of four metres to record load volumes of goods being delivered and waste removed.

As well as developing products to reduce both your energy bills and carbon footprint, we also offer security solutions to prevent fly tipping.

Over recent years, fly tipping has become a major problem, particularly in rural areas where individuals do not have access to, or do not want to pay, the council to properly dispose of their waste. Quite often items are dumped on the edges of fields or rivers, and if they aren’t discovered and removed quickly, then toxic waste can leach into rivers and soil.

Our solar powered, standalone CCTV cameras have been installed in local fly tipping “hotspots” to deter repeat offenders from continuing to leave their waste. The cameras capture a high quality image which can be admissible as evidence when prosecuting in a court of law.

Contact us today on 01952 303103 to find out about our range of sustainable security solutions or fill in our online contact form:

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