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Welcome to Cerberus!

Figures suggest an estimated fifty people are killed each year, with more than five thousand injured after being involved in accidents resulting from workplace transport failures!

The most common causes of accidents are people falling from vehicles, being struck by vehicles, poorly secured loads or vehicles overturning. There is a hierarchy of control, which places segregation at the top with “Banksmen” only being used in circumstances where other control measures are not possible.

But we’ve got the solution…welcome to Cerberus!

Our revolutionary “Virtual Banksman” has the capacity to manage both vehicle and pedestrian access by governing movement on a minimum of 4 sites simultaneously. Cerberus is the first ever construction site solar powered portable “virtual banksman” barrier which comes with your own dedicated team member from just £375 per week.

Rapid deployment units include solar panels, adjustable barrier, intercom, ANPR and the latest CCTV cameras positioned at minimum height of 4 metres to record load volumes of goods being delivered and waste removed.

If you are interested in reducing your Carbon Footprint at your site then why not contact Yellow Hat for a no obligation demonstration, site survey or quote?

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