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K9 Security Towers - Frequently Asked Questions

Each product in the K9 range from Yellow Hat Security Solutions is a state of the art, cost effective, flexible and fully mobile rapid deployment CCTV tower. They come loaded with features to help give you peace of mind that your construction site or housing development is protected day and night. What's more, each product is powered using solar panels making it the environmentally friendly CCTV choice for your business.

Here at Yellow Hat Security Solutions, we pride ourselves on both our technology and our ability to understand our customer's needs. Whether you have questions about the cost, where to put each tower, or how wide an area they can cover, we are happy to help you out!

Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about our range of rapid deployment CCTV towers.

What is K9?

K9 are a range of mobile CCTV security towers which have been created by Yellow Hat Security Solutions. At the moment there are three options in our range: the K9 Tower, the K9 Scout and the K9 Air. Each product features live, full HD quality cameras with thermal PTZ and ANPR! They are also 100% powered by solar panels, suitable for all terrains and locations.

What is the difference between each product? The K9 Tower is the first product we created and it is a solar powered, all terrain, fully mobile CCTV tower. They are incredibly robust and are capable of withstanding gusts of wind in excess of 75mph!

The K9 Scout is a smaller version of the original K9 Tower and can be clipped onto any pole. Due to its flexibility, the Scout is the perfect piece of kit to deploy to protect both construction equipment or building supplies.

Our newest product is the K9 Air which can be fitted onto any cherry picker or crane to give you the widest viewing angle possible. The high visibility is managed through our control room which enables us to position the camera at the perfect angle for your site. It is the perfect option for larger construction sites or housing developments as you can protect the whole site with just one camera!

How quickly can they be installed? From point of enquiry to installation, you can have your security tower on site within just 48 hours!

How much will it cost to install? Here at Yellow Hat Security Solutions, we believe that everyone should be able to access reliable and robust security technology. This is why we enable you to buy or rent any of our security products at competitive prices. Simply get in touch with the team for your bespoke security quote. We will even offer you a free site review to ensure that you have the right product for your business.

Do I need a generator to use K9? No! There is no need to worry about your energy costs with any of our security products as they use 100% solar power. This means they are perfect for large construction sites or rural locations such as farms as you don't need to consider how near your power source needs to be.

Does K9 work in all weather conditions? Yes. At the beginning of 2022, the UK experienced some of its strongest storms in decades and we are proud to confirm that none of our K9 Security Towers fell over or stopped working.

Can they cover an entire construction or building site? Yes. With three different products in the range, there is a K9 for every building or construction site. Our tallest, the K9 Air, can be attached to any cherry picker or crane to give you the widest view of your construction site or housing development as possible.

If there is anything we haven't covered in this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Yellow Hat.

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