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Protect Your Rural Business with Yellow Hat Security Solutions

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has calculated that in 2020 rural theft cost the UK an estimated £43.3m. Whilst this figure was down 20% from the previous year, it is mainly thought to be due to national lockdowns keeping people at home. However, whilst overall theft was down, the crime figures for farm machinery GPS tracking systems were almost double what they were in the previous year.

It has therefore never been more important to protect the expensive equipment on your farm and rural business from being targeted by thieves and criminal gangs who often steal to order.

Here at Yellow Hat Security Solutions we have made helping the rural community protect their properties one of the core services of our business. We have a range of security solutions which have been designed to protect agricultural, equine, environmental and wildlife-focusses businesses.

We have developed fully self-supporting Solar/ Wind powered CCTV units which can be placed anywhere on your property. As these units do not rely on mains electricity or internet connectivity to work, they can be placed anywhere you need them to be, whether it is in the middle of a field or in an outbuilding. Each unit is fitted with our SOLAR powered stand-alone system and uses a 5 Mega Pixel IP Infrared Digital Camera with 64GB onboard recording

If you are unable to remove your GPS tracking systems from your vehicles, then we would recommend fitting one of our solar powered GPS asset tracking devices to your ATVs, Tractors, Trailers and general farm machinery. We also offer Fuel Tank Alarm Systems to alert you if anyone is attempting to steal or siphon off fuel from your vehicles or fuel storage tanks.

As well as using our CCTV cameras and intruder alarm systems to detect and deter thieves from your property, we can also adapt them to help you look after your livestock. Many farmers have benefited from using our intruder alarm systems to monitor cattle movements and notify them when cattle break through fences or escape from their pens.

Contact Yellow Hat Security Solutions today to find out how we can protect your rural business or property from thieves and criminal gangs.

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